When coming to By Jeremy, you enter in another dimension, a moment away from the world. Walking through our space is wandering in the middle of an urban jungle, listening to the sounds of birds and nature, being surrounded by books, sustainable beauty products and interior design objects.




   Our hybride space revolves around 5 passion :


     - Hair : Our core, our heart, everyone in our space is passionate about hair and we're kinda of living it everyday. All of us are regularly updated with new techniques, Color, balayage, cut, styling to give you the best that is to offer. We all fell in love with the naturally derived brand AVEDA ( check it out ), the color results are amazing : deep, natural and rich tones as much as  the shine and quality of the hair ! couldn't think a sec of working with any other brand.




   - Coffee : Our lovely Coffee-shop / Concept store which you will find inside a little bit of everything we love. 

In that space we’ve brought several concepts : Our coffee shop where you will be able to taste amazing customized blends of coffee we chose ourselves as well as fresh juices and a amazing selection of teas and infusions. We are also super happy to announce that we teamed up with GLOW ( amazing restaurant in bonnevoie ) to get amazing Food and snacks such as salads, snacks ( banana bread is to die for ) and more, Big plus, everything is vegan and most is Gluten free as well !! 



     -Plants : It all started with a few ones... adding a plant after another, growing them, caring for them and it ended up into a Urban jungle and everybody LOVES it !! from there we had more and more request to buy our plants, we decided then to start growing our own and sell them. we're so happy we can share that passion with you and we are always here if you need advice about watering, re-potting, placement etc



     - Interior design : Jeremy's goal of creating a warm and cosy space lead him to search for sustainable and hight quality brands. starting off with the first furnitures of the salon and getting a lot of compliments about the design ( often asked who was the interior designer haha ) Jeremy had the idea of incorporating some elements of design such as tableware, flowerpots ( to match the plants ), jewelry, baskets, blankets in the salon and give the opportunity to the guest to buy them.

Immediate success and today we're always searching for some new little things you could bring home or offer to a friend.




     - Books : From the first day of the salon in December 2013, books were a big part of the salon, Jeremy when he opened by himself brought all of the books from his personal library and then started the stories of lending a book to a friend, some guests were giving books for the salon. One piece after another we started to work with great brands such as Gestlaten, Monocle, delcourt, glenat and are super happy to provide a large choice of books during your visit.




   Well that's pretty much it for today but as the ones who know us, we are always working of some new ideas and projects so don't hesitate to come by our place and check it out