Our Philosophy


  By Jeremy isn't a usual visit to a hair stylist - our highly personalized, quality services will pamper you while you forget about the daily stresses of everyday life. The warm, inviting surroundings will welcome you and make you feel as if you were at home away from home. We want you to always have a memorable experience at our space, a place that is not overcrowded.


      Our schedule is organized to give our clients as much time as they need - so they can get the best result and experience from our team. In order to maintain our ethos, we avoid overbooking and we kindly ask our guests to help us as well.



      Appointments should be scheduled weeks in advance to avoid disappointment. We hope you can understand that our quality of service is depending on proper scheduling.



        By Jeremy was born of an idea, the idea of coming to the hairstylist the same way as if you were going to a friend. After its ranges in several top hairstylist as Vania Laporte, Laurent Voisinet and after running the fashion shows, events, hair shows in Europe and internationally, Jeremy decides to settle down in Luxembourg with lots of ideas in mind . He will meet international guests, multi-culturalism and will become friend with many guests. It was at this time that the idea was born to create a place that doesn't look like a classic hairsalon but rather more to a home, a place where professionalism, good humor, friendship and simplicity mix. As a true perfectionist, Jeremy decides to work with the best of everything and then was born the partnership with AVEDA to offer products based on rare and precious natural ingredients, colors from flowers and plants and the latest haircut technique.



      Every hair is different, that’s why we offer a unique moment with everyone to perfectly understand your needs and the needs of your hair. We take the time to know you as the hair goes with the personality and not only with your face shape or hair texture. The combination of all of this allows us to create the best color and haircut for you.


" Beautyfull hair comes with time and good care "