When coming to By Jeremy, you enter in another dimension, a moment away from the world.

Walking through our space is wandering in the middle of an urban jungle, listening to the sounds of birds and nature, being surrounded by books, sustainable beauty products and interior design objects.

Our hybrid space revolves around 5 areas of passion:

Hair : Our core, our heart, everyone in our space is passionate about hair. We are regularly up-to-date with new techniques, Color, balayage, cut, styling to give you the best that is to offer. We all fell in love with the naturally derived brand AVEDA, the color results are amazing : deep, natural and rich tones as much as  the shine and quality of the hair!

Coffee : We Finally just opened our new space MARKET BY JEREMY on 14th September !

This new space located next to the hair salon on 4a, avenue de la liberté.

In that space we’ve brought several concepts : Our coffee shop where you will be able to taste amazing customized blends of coffee we chose ourselves as well as fresh juices and a amazing selection of teas and infusions. We are also super happy to announce that we teamed up with GLOW to bring you amazing Food and snacks.

Plants : It all started with a few ones... adding a plant after another, growing them, caring for them and it ended up as an Urban jungle!! We decided to start growing and selling by popular demand. If you have questions about watering, re-potting or plants in general ask for Nicolas!

Interior design : Our goal is to create a warm and cosy space with sustainable and hight quality brands. We have products such as tableware, flower pots ( to match the plants ), jewelry, baskets, blankets.

Books: They are a big part of our salon. Initially, the books were from Jeremy's personal library, soon our guests were donating books to the salon.