Hi everyone, 


We are super happy and excited as we are now able to prepare Henna bags and send it to you to use at home.

There are a few things to know about henna :


-Our henna is a 100% natural henna powder we get from Iran, it is checked in European lab to be sure it hasn't been processed or mixed with chemicals.

-Henna is a Flowering plant reduced to powder and has been used on the hair for about 6000 years.

 -100% natural henna ONLY gives WARM TONES .

-Our henna is compatible with permanent color and balayage, we actually work a lot with both.

-It doesn't lighten the hair ( no oxidative ) which means when it grows out there is no line as a conventional permanent dye.

-It's a protector, can be considered as a strengthener  but it does not moisture.

-It doesn't even out your hair color, it keeps the dimension of your existing color ( which we personally love )

-It gradually washed away but the more henna applied on your hair the longer it lasts.

-Henna as a color range from light gold to dark red ( we customize every henna and mix the different henna color to match your expectations ) but end results always depends on your own hair color and processing time.



So in other words, henna doesn't replace permanent color, if you want to cover your grey hair and have a neutral/cool color result, henna is not for you.

Henna covers your hair as a layer of pigment, the result depends on the color you have before applying the henna 

 We are here to advise and recommend you on which henna to use on your hair depending on your color and desired result 

For advices / questions or cotations please send a email with a recent picture of your hair : byjeremyhairspa@gmail.com


Can't wait for you to try it