Hello Everyone, 

We hope you are all doing good during this difficult time.

We think that life always have a bright side and we should always see the positive in everything. Unfortunately we had to close the salon for a undefined amount of  time but we start to realize that it os not all negative, we take time now, we go slow, we sleep over in the morning, take the time to cook and spend some time with our loved ones at home, maybe it is a sign that we should all take that precious time and do more of the things we love.

So we hope you are taking good car of yourselves and the one precious to you.

Here is a video that to us embodies this slow flow in the salon.

With love




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  • Hello à tous,
    Je vous espère en bonne santé et je me réjouis de pouvoir avoir un rdv coupé/ couleur/ balayage des le retour à la vie normale..
    Prenez soin de vous et de vos proches..

    Chantal Dujardin

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