The Monocle Travel Guide Series / 14 Honolulu

The Monocle Travel Guide Series / 14 Honolulu

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Honolulu ―where surfers and hula dancers mingle on pristine beaches beneath a volcano.

The capital of paradise, Honolulu is more than just the gateway to surf, sand, and sun. Beyond the beaches and behind the palmlined streets there’s a bustling city of culture and the arts, of fine dining and clubs. It’s a city by the sea where cultures melt and mingle and the beautiful surroundings are a backdrop for even more incredible goings on. The Monocle team has set sail to bring back more than just picture postcard sunsets, reporting on the vibrant nightlife in Chinatown, the starred chefs and farmers markets, the pan-Pacific arts scene, and more. This guide also provides unique possibilities for getting away from it all: make Honolulu your base for hikes up volcanic mountains and relaxing beach excursions ―or finally learn how to surf. The city is truly a world apart. And now you’ve got the key.


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Features: 148 pages, hard cover
Published by: Gestalten
Printed in: Germany
Dimensions: 14cm x 22cm x 1.3cm
(5.5in x 8.3in x 0.5in)